The next phase

So I’ve got myself a gig. Six weeks at a primary school as teacher librarian. I’m a high school English teacher… A good (?) friend recommended me for the job and talked me up so much that it was offered to me with very little fanfare. I know I can do it but it will be completely new territory. The focus is to be visual literacy and project based learning, as the school is pushing new approaches to literacy. I’ve been teaching myself about PBL for the last year so I have loads of knowledge about the process and can’t wait to help implement it. I’ve seen how it’s done in high school so can it be so different in primary? I hope I don’t get any of the established teachers offside as I know some are resistant to change. I love change and learning new things so I’ll have to tone down my excitement at first if I feel it’s going to be a hard sell. After the six weeks there will be a job and the way it’s been presented it’s mine to lose. No pressure… Thank goodness for the government and ‘Local Schools Local Decisions’. My school should be able to employ me if I can do the job, even if I don’t have a library qualification.

So there’s the other part of the job I’ll be studying hard to learn. I know the basics of the computer system and I’m sure I’ll be able to learn the rest as I go. Back on that hill that appeared in a previous post… Ah well, if there’s no climb life gets boring, wouldn’t you say?


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