Tourette Syndrome in Schools

A bit of a diversion for today. As an unemployed teacher, until schools reopen and rush at me with offers of fruitful employment, I have little of value to offer the reader in terms of teaching experience thus far. I have therefore turned my attention to one of my other interests; educating teachers on special needs, particularly Tourette Syndrome, as I have a son (and possibly two) who has the privilege to live with TS. I hope that in the future I will be able to spread awareness from the inside to help teachers understand the needs of our kids.

Due to a small amount of interest from the TS community I have decided to publish on this nascent blog a paper I wrote on the subject of adjustments that can be made for students with TS. If it helps just one teacher, parent or student, my job is done! I hope you get some use from my research. All the references and links are searchable on the internet so you don’t have to traipse to the library (I am a lazy researcher). The assignment gained me my one and only HD so I think it’s ok. I don’t think anyone but me is reading the blog so I feel a little nervous to go public!!


Tourette syndrome Assignment


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