Where does the time go?

Well…it’s all over. I have been getting back to ‘normal’ over the past couple of weeks; getting over the shock of finishing a whole degree in about 8 months. I’m feeling a little lost without essays constantly occupying my mind and almost feel like I’d like to write one just to keep the brain ticking over. I can say the house is cleaner than it has been all year and I’m reading for pleasure again. I’m definitely making the most of this small window of opportunity before I get back to the workforce.

Back to the workforce. Sounds good but in reality there are not that many jobs for newly graduated English teachers available within an hour of home. I have applied for one job, 4 days a week at the local Catholic high school but, as yet, have heard nothing. Applications closed yesterday so I hope to hear by the end of the week. We are going to WA next week so I would like to get it sorted before then. I’d hate to have to rename this blog long term unemployed teacher….

Twitter is keeping me in the education loop so I still feel like I am learning but I am starting to think I am a bit of a fraud without any paid teaching experience. Come on employers, you know you want the wisdom and experience I can bring.

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