Two weeks to go…

I started the week with a trip to the city on the ferry with my lovely mum, hoping to check out the Police and Justice Museum for an assignment. Maybe if I’d taken the time to read the website I’d have known it wasn’t open during the week. So we headed for Government House. Only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Not our day. So we decided to have a look around the Opera House on its 40th birthday and reminisced about the opening day; my sister’s 8th birthday. I remember a car driving across the harbour – in the water, not on the bridge. Where did those 40 years go? Turns out you can’t wander around the House any more either, unless you pay $35 for a guided tour. Fortunately you can still eat at the Harbour Kitchen so we had a light lunch and relaxed under the sails, out of the 38 degree heat. 


So, in other words, I haven’t started my assignment. I’ll get there…eventually… Getting to grips with other assignments though. I think I might just get to the finish line yet.

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